Q: What do I look for in purchasing CLA?

The short version:

Be sure it is 100% Safflower Oil as sunflower oil or a blend will probably be cheaper, but cost you in the long run as it will have less of the fat loss ingredients you are looking for.

Each capsule should have at least 1250mg of oil so you get a total of 1000mg of actual CLA. This part is a little tricky, but if you read further we will do our best to explain.

Q: The long version...or Isn't all CLA the same anyway?

Actually, no. CLA was originally made from sunflower oil. After it was discovered that Safflower Oil produced much more of the fat loss ingredient than sunflower oil, the companies that were concerned with the effectiveness of their product switched to using Safflower Oil.

Because sunflower oil is less expensive most companies still use it, even though it won't produce the same results as Safflower Oil. So be sure you are getting 100% Safflower Oil in the product you buy.

If you want to use the same product that was used in the clinical studies on fat loss, you need to purchase Tonalin™ Brand CLA. We encourage you to shop around and ask questions. You will find that most companies selling CLA don't really know what's in it.

Industry Secret Revealed:

The nutritional industry has a little known trade secret they'd probably rather you didn't know. Known as "dusting", this practice basically amounts to putting a tiny amount of an ingredient into their product just so they can include it on their label. They usually get away with this by calling a group of ingredients a "proprietary formula". This basically means that they're not going to tell you what is in their product. We believe that if you are going to be putting this in your body, you should know what it is. We have not, do not and will not ever do this in our products.

The above is important to note for CLA as some companies list their source of CLA as "sunflower/safflower"...That doesn't mean 50/50, it means Either one or the other. If you had to guess which they used, what would you say?...

We use 100% Tonalin™ brand CLA and we do this for the same reason it was used in the studies. It consistantly has the highest potency of CLA period.

Industry Secret #2:

Q: When is 1000mg, NOT 1000mg?

A: When you're looking at a CLA label.

A bottle of CLA labeled 1000mg does not contain 1000mg of CLA. Here's why...The 1000mg the bottle is referring to is actually the carrier, or oil, that each capsule contains. The oil in the capsule contains some CLA. How much depends upon a number of factors including which type of oil is used (sunflower or safflower) and how it is processed. In order for a capsule to have 1000mg of CLA it would have to have a minimum of 1250mg of Safflower Oil and even more if it was made from sunflower oil.

Our capsules contain 80% CLA, the highest you'll find anywhere. Other companies capsules have percentages as low as 60% or lower. Even the brands using Tonalin™ oil contain only 1000mg of oil providing 800mg of CLA. Our capsules contain 1285 mg of Tonalin™!

This gives you a true 1000 mg of CLA, the most powerful capsule you can get. This is crucial because the human clinical trials used 3000mg of CLA daily. Since our capsules contain 1000mg of CLA you only need to take 3 capsules daily to get the same results achieved in the studies. Other brands require you to take take 4 or 5 of their pills to get your 3000mg of CLA. So you can see how much faster you would run through a bottle of our competitors than you would through ours.

It is imperative that you read the labels carefully to know what you're getting. Most companies don't want you to know the truth. We do. The more aware you are of the facts, the better you will be able to realize what a value our product provides. Beware of products not labeled Tonalin™ or products made from sunflower oil or a proprietary blend (this simply means that they don't want you to know what's in it as it is likely inferior).

In addition, when you purchase from us, you'll get something you don't get anywhere else. We give you an educational booklet telling you all about CLA, what it is and why it's important to take it (it's not just for burning fat and gaining lean muscle mass!) so that you can be informed about what you're putting in your body. We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We offer this guarantee because we have supreme confidence in the quality of our product.

We don't just sell it, we also take it as well. Just ask us.

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