WellnessEdge™ products were developed specifically for the independent retailer or health professional. Our formulations are designed to create a significantly better value for your customers and it is this value that will keep them returning to your store. In addition, our focused product line allows us to purchase raw ingredients in large quantities, allowing us to negotiate lower prices, which we pass on to you.

The advantages of our products are real, and are easily explained to your customers/clients. Once they understand why WellnessEdge™ products are superior, they will need to come back to your store to reorder. That is because they will not find WellnessEdge™ products in any discount stores.

WellnessEdge™ products are labeled without our contact information, so your customers can't purchase direct. Even if they should find our website, our order page is password protected so that only the independent retailer or health professional can use it.

Our Guarantee

We use only the highest grade ingredients in our formulations. We guarantee this quality to you. We also know you are putting your trust in us when you decide to carry our products. We would like to make that decision easier for you. Our offer is this:

We will buy back any unopened WellnessEdge™ products that you don't sell within 90 days at the same price you paid originally, less shipping.

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