Q: What can we do for you?

A: We strive to do two things for you. 1) To help you retain your customers and keep them from buying your supplements elsewhere. 2) To help increase the profit on some of your more popular products.

Q: How do we do this?

A: WellnessEdge™ focuses on products that your customers are already asking for. Then, using only the highest quality ingredients, we developed a unique product that differentiates itself from those found on the shelves of the large discount stores. Our formulations are designed to create a significantly better value for your customers and it is this value that will keep them returning to your store.

With a nationwide network of retailers and a focus on select products, we are able to provide you the ability to buy in small quantities with prices at or below what they're currently paying.

Q: How do we know this will work in your store?

A: It's already been proven. As an online retailer competing with giant chains such as Vitamin Shop and Puritan's Pride, price alone wouldn't work. We knew there had to be a true value and reason for the customer to buy from us. Our first unique product was a runaway success from the onset and more followed. Returning customers tell us time and again, the reason they come back to us is they simply can't find our products at their local stores. Independent retailers are in a similar situation - competing with large discount chains. We developed this system to provide you with the same advantage that we've gained online.

We took our already successful products and relabeled them with the WellnessEdge™ brand. We intentionally left off any contact information so your customers can't come to us to purchase. Even if they do contact us, we won't sell to the end consumer. We will only sell WellnessEdge™ products to independent retailers and health professionals. Your customers won't find our products in any of the large chains as we won't sell to them either.

We offer a No-Risk 90 day Buy-Back Guarantee: no questions asked!...and no re-stocking fee.

For information on prices and how to qualify to purchase these products wholesale, please click here.